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Welcome to…
Opening Your Eyes
to the Resources You Need
(and Likely Already Have)
to Have the Life You Want
- an Eyes Wide Open Life Intensive™
There's some part of you -- big or small —
that fears you do not have enough right now,
or you can never overcome the poor choices
you've made around money in the past.
It's time.
“To know when you have enough is to be rich beyond measure.”
-Lao Tzu

Money is an infinitely renewable asset. Far too often though, we sacrifice our non-renewable assets of time, energy and attention in service to it because we don't understand how easy it is to have enough.

So we get stuck, bound up, tense, worried, fearful and stop the flow.

Part of our spiritual path is to manifest the abundance inside of us out into material form. And we have 4 primary resources to do that, our TEAM: time, energy, attention, and money.

When our TEAM resources are aligned, the life and love we desire flows through us. It’s what we all desire. It’s what makes us feel alive.

Just like any flow, the key to its abundance is to keep it moving. Because of the importance of money in our society, we’re taught that holding onto it or sacrificing our precious and unrenewable time, energy, and attention to create more and more of it will lead to that abundance.

Because of the importance our current world places on money, we're taught to hold onto it, accumulate it, and never, ever go into debt.

And, yet, you see that the tighter you hold onto money, the less of it there seems to be.

In fact, a large part of the reason most of our world's wealth is captured and held by the 1% while the rest get poorer and poorer is because we've been conditioned to stop the flow.

I see it first hand when I support my private clients and members that most people truly have ENOUGH, but they cannot see it.

Likely, you are the same.

You are literally blind to what you do have and how best to leverage your time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) because of generations of conditioning and wounding that you are now here to heal.

We are also taught in our society that to never, ever go in debt, perhaps that it’s sinful.

I believe credit is a gift. Used wisely, it can and will finance your learning, growth and evolution. And it can support you to create far more in the world than you can without resources. We are blessed to live in an age where credit is so easily available to invest in bettering our lives.

That's why I created:

Enough: Opening Your Eyes to the Resources You Need (and Likely Already Have) to Have the Life You Want 

 - an Eyes Wide Open Life Intensive™ 

The time is now for me to give you affordable access to my very best teachings on exactly what you need to open your eyes and see that you do, in fact, have ENOUGH.

I did listen to the talks and it helped me shift how I value my time, energy, and attention in these ways: I stopped trying to sell the stuff my kids have grown out of and just donated it all, and I am getting childcare for the second half of June, instead of trying to work while also looking after my kids on their summer break.
Also, my priorities for when I start selling the course are to get a fantastic dishwasher, and hire a cleaner. I need to start freeing up my time!

  - Janette Girod


Enough opens your eyes to the differences between the unrestrained spending on things that don’t serve that has driven so many people into deep, unmanageable debt, vs. using the assets you have (including credit, if that's available to you) as tools for investment that can free us from debt and put us on track to financial abundance and freedom of time to live as we desire. We’ll cover:

  • How to cure your money dysmorphia and mine your assets to know what you really have;
  • How and when to access credit and use debt (and what to use it for, when you do);
  • The best way to ensure you never make another bad investment decision (whether that's an investment of your time, energy, attention or money);
  • What to do with the poor investments you've made in the past, especially if you are still literally paying for the mistakes in the form of high interest or a bad credit score;
  • How to stop the spinning mind and constant worry of not enough;
  • When to focus on making more money and when to focus on decreasing expenses;
  • How to see the hidden resources you didn't even know you had and use them wisely for the betterment of your life and the world;
  • When it makes sense to use money to buy back your non-renewable assets of time, energy and attention and when it makes sense to use your time, energy and attention to get more money.
Enough: The Credit Course

If you’re reading this right now, you’re likely considering some form of credit to build your business, or already have credit that you’re looking to manage better. It may feel like a huge decision. Depending on your current resources, it may seem impossible.

You may have made poor choices with money, specifically the use of credit, in the past and you are sure that you will do it again.

You may have protected your credit score for years and you are afraid that if you do use credit and debt, you'll make poor choices that put this sign of your "goodness" at risk.

You may even have avoided it all together, not even daring to get near it, not knowing if you have a credit score, and feeling that the financial system generally is an evil best kept at a distance.

On the flip side, you may have leveraged credit and debt successfully to build companies and lives, but secretly feel some shame that you couldn't do it without taking on debt.

Finally, you may know you want to use credit and debt wisely, but don't even know where to begin.

The good news is, more is possible than you knew. There are a few common mistakes people make with accessing credit. And you don’t have to make them. Enough: The Credit Course is about seeing what’s truly possible and allowing yourself to create your new reality around money.

Enough: The Credit Course is a pre-recorded webinar training series accessible anytime. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • You’re going to learn how to avoid the common mistakes people make with money and debt.
  • You’ll let go of any limiting beliefs you have around your worth and trusting yourself to be worthy of that investment.
  • If you have determined that accessing credit is your next step, you will be guided on how best to access credit, repair your credit score or leverage your already good score, and raise the money you need to free up your creative energy.
  • You’ll get clear about how to use your credit wisely to increase your ability to create and contribute to the world.
  • And most important of all, where to NOT invest so your resources are focused on activities that will generate the new revenue to pay back your debt and continue bringing in increased abundance for the rest of your life.

I SO love your "Enough" course. I'm not officially done, because I'm catching up (which is the norm for me), but i'm melting into it & doing the work that I avoid doing and it is helping me wake up in enormous ways. I'm seeing what my avoidance has been costing me - and even though it's hard to face, it's always my ticket to FREEEEDOM!!!!!! (my husband is happy to see me waking up in the area of T.E.A.M....even as I'm crying a lot) 

  - Erin Delaney                  

A four session video coaching program with Alexis Katz. Each session consists of 1 hour of training with do-on-your-own assignments to integrate what you have learned and prepare for the next session. We recommend you calendar 90 minutes for each training and one 90-minute block of focused time between each training to do the homework.

Session 1: Starting with your eyes open

In this first session you’ll recognize the value you truly have to give to the world. And use the BONUS Eyes Wide Open Wealth, Credit, and Liquidity Calculator to see where you have the hidden resources to leverage those gifts into a healthy value exchange with the world through business.

You will use our Wealth, Credit and Liquidity tool to mine the resources you have and see them with your eyes wide open.

By the end of this session, you will be on the path to curing your money dysmorphia (the distorted view we have of money that causes us to make poor decisions about how we use our non-renewable assets of time, energy, and attention) and reclaiming what matters most.

Session 2: Trust Yourself

In this Session, we will reclaim the lessons of the poor decisions you've made around money in your past.
We will take a close look at the generational patterns and conditioning that has been passed down to locate the places you do not trust yourself to always have ENOUGH.

You’ll identify where you’ve been holding a lack of trust, and how that breakdown in trust manifests as poor results, lack of action or persistent fear of running out/not having what you need.

Some of these may be old patterns that you were taught or learned because they helped you in the past but are no longer relevant. You’ll be able to identify and release those patterns to restore clarity in what is real for you and your relationship with money right now. Only through that presence with what is real now will you be able to reliably transform your financial future.

During this session, you will meet Ali's first spiritual teacher and hear her journey of leveraging her material resources to deepen her spiritual path. All while raising two boys as a homeschool mama, without a consistent home and very little support from their dad. You will also have an opportunity to apply for a private session with Ali’s teacher to guide you deeper into your own self-trust.

Session 3: Always Having What You Need

Now that you have gotten into reality about what you have, it's time
to make smart, confident choices about how to use the resources you do have to support you.

In this Session, we'll present case studies of how people, like you, have used their existing assets resourcefully to have the confidence to know they always have what they need.

Prior to this Session, you may also choose to submit your assignments to us and Ali will work with you live on the call to see exactly what you have that you can leverage into everything you need.

Resourcefulness is one of the most valuable skills you can have in the new economy and this session will leave you feeling fully resourced.

During this session, you will also discover why you must look at your numbers consistently and how to do it with ease.

"I just needed to say a huge thank you for following your heart today.. too many things are pulling at me at this time as well, and I'm feeling like I need to start over with *Enough*... I was, in fact, planning to just this, with this month being my own personal redo, but I'm going to push through as well at this point. I've had Sooo many little Asks since the last call... Left and right I'm finding the courage to just speak my needs and it's working!!!
I will be posting my missing homework from the beginning over the next few days, as accountability for myself, and gratitude for this community."
  - Nicole Westdal


Includes Enough Credit Course, 60 days Eyes Wide Open Membership, and a bonus session with a Money Map Master ($1138 Value)

Home Study Course:

Enough Video Course Only
($247 Value)


Watch all the trainings in full, complete all of the assignments, and use all your bonus materials, and if you do not have increased sense of having enough and an improved relationship with your TEAM resources, we will refund your investment in full. So long as you show up and play with us, we’re betting 100% on your success.

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