Dear friend,
You may be feeling like something major needs to shift in your life, you’re searching for clarity, direction, answers and greater fulfillment. Something in your life is causing you suffering, you are struggling in some area of life, health, relationships, career, parenting, or perhaps outside stuff is ok, but inside you hurt. 
You may be questioning what am I missing, why am I struggling so, why is this so hard, I’m tired of feeling so unfulfilled. What seems clear is that what your doing is not working, you often feel stressed, stuck, alone, and are experiencing a sense that something is terribly wrong!
I know what you’re feeling and I can help. 
You may have moments of hope or satisfaction, but they are always followed up with doubt, fear, insecurity and pain. This is good news, this is the wake up call. This is how we grow and expand because we are evolutionary by nature. 
We have been programmed for our whole lives that happiness is about getting our ducks in order, get the degree, the job, the house, the relationship, then you’ll be happy. Our whole culture is constantly sending us messages that we need this _______ and then we’ll be happy. This is the big lie, that we are not whole, complete and perfect already and we need to go do this, get this and once we do do do do do then external success, achieving, accomplishment and acquiring will bring us peace. 
I know all about this, in fact I’ve had this exact experience many many times, it’s called hitting bottom, a personal crash, what you’re doing is not working, and trying harder makes it worse. I’ve had these bottoming out experiences many times in my life. 
Two years ago, I found my perfect job, it was my great passion, a perfect use of many of my skills, I adored the clients I served, I was really good at it, and about 10 months later the job went away. I was devastated. A few months later a wonderful relationship ended and this screaming internal dialogue went full throttle "Holy shit, what is happening", my core trauma got triggered, deep inner wounds came to the surface and it was so painful. 
I woke up every day, feeling intense pressure (the voices in my head were so critical and harsh) I was trying to hold it together, I had children depending on me, but no matter what I tried things kept unraveling. I had some awareness that what I was doing wasn’t working, that something that wasn't in alignment with my Soul, but I wasn’t clear about what to do. 
My thoughts were critical of the choices I'd made, and fearful about how things were going (or not going). My confidence and morale plummeted, and I was imagining the worst. The situation was the opposite of what I wanted, and was in a downward spiral.
Then it all became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I kept trying to tape and paste things back together but I found no lasting peace. It was a very, very dark time. :(
I was doing spiritual work during this time, I was reaching out for help, I was willing, but I didn’t realize that the reason I was so afraid was that I was depending on me, the little me, I couldn’t seem to connect to my Source, I couldn’t seem to feel the presence of God, at least for more than an instant, because the voices in my head were so loud and my core trauma was ACTIVATED!
My friend calls it a trauma bubble, and when we’re in it, we’re not gonna get ourselves out, we need help, serious help, it’s a self centered fear, self reliance that’s buried deep in the tissues of the body, and until we pull that toxic conditioning out, it’s running us. This is the cause of suffering, addiction, this creates dis ease of all kinds, it’s a cancer ( a me me me cell that creates chaos), it’s a mental illness that drives us insane and again it’s a wake up call. What doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, but only when you fall to your knees and surrender. Healing requires opening to the pain and learning to meet it in the body and bringing love to the wounds. 
If you are ready to commit yourself to finding the healer within, surrendering to practice of loving and opening to what is, and dropping all resistance, I’m here to help and share with you, how I find freedom and peace again. 
You may be looking for a guide to lead you to your own "inner knowing” to assist you in connecting to your GPS that provides guidance and direction for the journey HOME to your true self. 

Essential Tools for The Journey of Awakened Living

10 Week Study Course A Commitment to Love, Honor & Cherish YOURSELF

A step by step guide to releasing past trauma from the physical, mental & emotional body by clarifying the fear-based stories you have innocently clung to all your life.

Once you   determine the revenue/income model for your business, it's time to establish the systems and structure you need to support you  so you can keep the money flowing, the creativity opening, and do it all without worry or fear.

It's really easy to get caught up in the money-making part of business and lose sight of what’s really important (if you want to build a real, sustainable, make a difference business that you can count on being there for you, your clients and your family without you getting burned out) – the foundation.           

During these "interesting" times, what we are hearing from soul mappers, soul readers, and astrologists alike is that everything is accelerating -- meaning up and down -- and anything without a solid foundation is heading down that much faster. It turns out that the single best thing you can do for yourself and your business now is solidify your foundation.           

Otherwise, you are building your business on quicksand. And there’s some part of you that knows it, but   up until now, you   haven’t know what to do about it.   Now, you do.        

It’s the Entrepreneur’s Catch 22, which is simply this: you don’t know what you don’t know. So, you do nothing. As a result:

  • You may secretly feel like a fraud or a fake; OR
  • Maybe you are just getting by, not making enough money in your business or not making the kind of money you know your business could be generating; OR
  • Perhaps you are making plenty of money, but you are stressed out and in or on the verge of overwhelm.
Whichever of these is the case for you, you’ve got a blind spot, you can’t see the solution – you don’t know what you don’t know, it's not your fault, but it is time to take responsibility.

Running a business this way is like trying to drive blindfolded – it won’t work no matter how hard you try. But beginning today you can take the blindfold off and see clearly by becoming an Eyes Wide Open entrepreneur.

It’s time to step out of the shadows of doing business in the dark and into the light of knowledge that will set you free to keep being creative and have the business and life of your dreams! It's time to LIFT your business.
(Immediate Online Access + Full Color Organizational/Educational Notebook
With Organizational Tabs and All Educational Materials, Templates and Maps)
LIFT Get in the Know Learning Modules So You Get in the Know About Just What You Need For the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax System In Your Business
These LIFT modules were created after I invested hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own learning - first via 3 years of law school at Georgetown law, then through years of building my own businesses and making close to a million bucks worth of mistakes (because even being a lawyer I didn't know what I needed to know), and then conducting over 100 hours of interviews with legal, insurance, financial and tax professionals - so I could figure out what entrepreneurs really do need to know about legal, insurance, financial and tax.

Once you watch, read, or listen to the 5 LIFT learning modules you will know what's fear-based rumor, what's fact, and exactly what you need to have in place when it comes to legal, insurance, financial and tax systems for your business.

No matter how you learn, we've got you covered:
            If you prefer to learn by listening, you can download each of the 5 learning modules onto your computer, ipod or from the CDs that come with your LIFT Personal Records Binder. Take the audios with you and listen in your car, while you work out, or anywhere at all.
             You receive the 5 learning modules delivered via video so you can watch and learn right on your home or office computer, on your own time, when it's convenient for you.
              If you prefer to learn by reading because you can read faster than you watch or listen (or so that you can easily skim through the content), we are also giving you digital transcripts of each and every module. We've made it super easy for you to receive this learning because we know that these are not necessarily the easiest things to think about.
I break it down for you and translate from legalese and financial-ese into our language - the language of the creative, heart-opened entrepreneur - so you can clearly understand what's important and what's not, stop operating from fear of the unknown and release the false beliefs you may have taken on due to rumor or fear-based thinking.

After going through these training modules, you'll feel confident whenever you talk about or think about anything related to the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundation of your business.
LIFT Conversation Starters So You Can Enter Into the Agreement Process, Hire Your LIFT Advisory Team, and Get Your Bank Account & Merchant Account Set Up with Confidence.
When I was first in business, I found it very difficult to know if I was hiring the right advisors. Did they really have my best interests at heart? I always wondered. And I felt uncertain because I didn't even know what questions to ask before making a hiring decision, so I tended to default to "how much do you charge?" Have you ever done that and then wondered if you hired the right person? If so, it's because you didn't know the right questions to ask.

Conversation Starters guide you to ask exactly the right questions before you hire a
                    single person for your LIFT Your Business Team (lawyer, CPA, banker, insurance advisor, bookkeeper and
                    merchant account provider).
Never Feel Lost, Stupid, Scared or Insecure
When Talking to a Legal or Financial Professional
About Your Business Again
With your Conversation Starters in hand, you'll not only know the right questions to ask, but the answers to look for and you will never feel lost, stupid, scared or insecure when talking with a lawyer, banker, merchant account provider, CPA or bookkeeper again.

Plus, we've included a bonus Conversation Starter designed to guide you to create and document your agreements, which will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and a whole lot of heartache, pain and stress that results when you do not have agreements in place.

You will turn to the conversation starters again and again throughout the life of your business so you can start making empowered, enlightened decisions to support your growth.
LIFT Get in the Know Manual and WorkFlow Maps Guide you Step by Step Through Implementation of the Entire LIFT Foundation System.
These 15 LIFT Get in the Know Implementation Maps get you into immediate action on everything you learn in the training modules and with the Conversation Starters. Simply work through the implementation maps yourself or hand them over to a key assistant and know that the entire LIFT Foundation System will be implemented easily, effectively and as inexpensively as possible.

By the time you finish going through the LIFT Get in the Know System you will know what you can do yourself, who you need to hire and how
to know if they are the right advisor for your team, and how to create your own legal agreements so you can be making money in your business, know your income and business is on a solid foundation and that you are not putting your personal assets at risk.

LIFT truly is the best possible form of self care for your business.
Your Own Personal LIFT Records Binder To Not Only Organize All of Your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Papers, BUT to Show You Where the Holes Are In Your LIFT Foundation & How to Fill Them. Included With the Full Version LIFT Foundation System + Toolkit Only, Not the Digital Edition.
The LIFT Personal Records Binder is so much more than just an organizer, it's a learning tool as well. After going through it and gathering your papers, you will know exactly where the holes are in your LIFT Foundation, how to fill them and feel confident about the stability and sustainability of your business.

Simply hand the LIFT Personal Records Binder over to a key assistant or fill it yourself and know you have all of your important papers, policies, and financial information right where you need it, when you need it.
20+ LIFT Template Agreements ($997 retail) For everything from hiring independent contractors to joint ventures and getting hired by clients and hosting live events and group coaching programs. These agreements will save you thousands of dollars the very first time you use them. (regular retail: $997 separately)  Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle ($500 retail) Gets you two months of live consulting with the Eyes Wide Open Leadership Team plus implementation support to get your LIFT Foundation in place and answer any questions you may have as you work your way through the program. Includes access to a private Facebook Group for immediate support in between coaching calls. To ensure you continue to receive the support you need, your bonus trial membership will automatically be converted to a paid membership with a recurring charge of $97/month (discounted from the regular $250/month retail price). You can cancel your membership any time before the end of the 60 day trial and not be charged. (Limit one trial per person.)
LIFT Get in the Know is the missing piece
 of your business puzzle.
(Immediate Online Access + Full Color Organizational/Educational Notebook
With Organizational Tabs and All Educational Materials, Templates and Maps)
                And in case you have any doubt whatsoever, I'm taking all the risk
                  on getting you in the know with the LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit.

                    Try it out for a full 60 days and if you don't feel 100 times more  confident
                   about running your business, and feel satisfied that I delivered on all the
                 results outlined on this page, just send me an email  explaining (1) how you
             used the program, (2) the results you got, and (3) where it fell short of your
      expectations and I'll refund you in full out of my own pocket. (If you purchased the Deluxe version, you'll need to send back your binder before I can issue your full refund.) Refunds do not apply if you did not attempt to use the system or if you decide that you purchased it prematurely. The 100% guarantee protects your satisfaction with program content when you use it.

Is LIFT the right investment for you now?

While every entrepreneur needs to put these essential legal, insurance, financial, and tax foundations into their business, we’ve found that there’s often a right timing for investing in LIFT.

If you’re just starting out in your business and you don’t yet know what your business model is or how income is going to flow into your business, we suggest starting with our Money Map: Self-Discovery, Truth-Telling and Entrepreneurial Architecture program. It will help you get very clear on the business you want & how to build it for you and your life.

Once you’ve got your revenue model defined and you’ve got some income flowing into your business, you can circle back and put a LIFT foundation into your business.

Of course, if you’re just starting out and you want to build your foundation right from the start, and you have the financial resources to fund your initial business growth so you’re not worried about making money immediately, then now is a great time to invest in LIFT.

Got questions? Email Support and we'll help ya out.

Love, Light and LIFT,

P.S. If you are in Canada, Australia, the U.K. or anywhere else outside the US for that matter, YES -- LIFT works for you too. It will not answer specific legal questions in your country (other than Canada, for which we have a Canadian legal supplement), but it will guide you to the foundation you need with the right agreements, team members, insurance, financial systems, and advisory team.

"Holy Crap. The LIFT program is so good. Putting all of these foundations in place for my business, and having access to all of the agreements, corporate structures and financial tracking that I’ve known I’ve needed in my business… wow. This program is so rich."

~Carrie Cunnington

 "YOUR amazing work around Partnership agreements has transformed my business and it just keeps getting better and better and better. Every time I turn around in my business I find a NEW way to apply LIFT!! You are an infinite blessing in my life and ID am TRULY DEEPLY Grateful!"

~Amethyst Wyldfyre, Spiritual Advisor, Shaman, Sound Healer & Artist

 "Who knew LIFT could be so fun? I just finished interview 19 from the system. That's ALL of 'em. Got a massive list ready but I am so . EXCITED!"

~Beatrice Johnston, Brand Excitement

Let's Get In the Know and
Get it Done Right!

"If I would have had LIFT in my business right from the beginning, I would have made far more money and saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. If you are serious about building yourself a sustainable, profitable business, LIFT is a necessary ingredient." ~JJ Virgin

"I got Alexis' LIFT program because I knew there was a gap in my knowledge around all the legal, insurance, financials, and tax side of my business. I was a bit skeptical at first because I'm from Canada and I wasn't sure how much of the information would apply to my Canadian business. Luckily I just dove in and I'm so glad I did because Alexis opened my eyes and helped me to really see the bigger picture.

Before LIFT I was taking unsolicited advice from people in my life who don't run businesses, and it wasn't bad advice for a consumer but for a business owner it didn't make sense. Because of the advice in the program, I had enough information to hire the right people to help me grow my business and take care of the important LIFT pieces. More importantly, I was able to save so much on my taxes these past two years because I knew what I was doing. Thanks so much Alexis! I keep going back to the program every year as my business grows and I'm ready for the next step!

~Nathalie Lussier,

"Even though I had been in business for many, many years, the legal and financial element of running my company had often felt intimidating to me. Even when I knew what to do, I didn’t know how to get started or who to work with. From the moment I read over the transcripts for the first time, I start implementing Alexis’ wise advise. Today, some months later, I have a business that stands on a solid foundation and I have a newly found deep sense of peace peace because I can see exactly where my business is going and I've got the resources to lead it fearlessly. Thank you Alexis for shedding light into the dark corners of MY business."

~Christiane Holbrook, CEO and Launch Strategist, Inspired Business Resources, Inc.

 "I also wanted to say "Thank You!" for the LIFT programme. I've had it for a while, but haven't worked through most of the stuff. But I did start with the Client Agreement when I first started offering group programmes last September. I'm happy to report that being clear in the agreement about not offering refunds has probably gotten me out of at least one potentially sticky situation. A friend was unable to start the programme after signing up and paying. Because I'd defined that refunds aren't possible (but they can join the next run of the programme or transfer the place to another person, if we mutually agree), I didn't have to have that awkward conversation when the situation surfaced."

~Sook Han Lee

"I've completed LIFT and wow, what a powerful course. I never expected meeting with an accountant could bring on such a feeling of joy and clarity but I knew, truly knew that I was leading my business, aware of my numbers and on a solid foundation. Agreements are in place, minutes done, bookerkeeper set. I just wanted to say thank you. I feel the solidness of the foundation - like my business is something I can lean into as a support structure for me. I'm an attorney who has drafted agreements and taught contract drafting at Stanford - and I definitely am using some of your templates and incorporated pieces directly into my client and my contractor templates. I can't wait to recommend your work to my clients. And moving on to the Money Map as soon as I'm done."

~Jeanine Becker, Leadership, Collaboration & Negotiating Consulting,

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